Txoria Txori: “If I had cut off the bird’s wings, It would have been mine, It would not have flown away… But having done that, It would not have been a bird anymore and it is the bird that I loved”

You came into my world. I felt like it was through the back door but you are already part of all the rooms in my world. I have to admit you are here, there, everywhere. Admit that the doors are always open and that now, here, there, my house will never be the same because our house is wider, better.

Tomorrow, in two decades, or in a few seconds, you might open the door or break our house. But only because it became a prison or an ugly tiny space and I did not want to see this. You and I still see through our own lenses. But as long as the door is open and the house is glorious, we will see and feel together.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “Because she did not expect or ask for certainty, it made a certain kind of sureness become possible”


On change(s)

Naomi Klein argued that during a shock, we can not oppose much resistance.

After a shock, do we change?

Where do our minds and hearts land back?

Can they come back to the past reality or do they make up a new reality?

Is a shock a serie of tiny changes played in fast motion?

Impossible to provide a black and white answer…


Writing and Picturing but neither revealing nor showing everything


Politicians and journalists are prone to oversimplify complicated issues, especially if it is in their interests to do so.

Not everything can be seen, a picture is only a glass half-full. There is so much it does not reveal.

The invisible and the untold are powerful. Perceptions of the other or of an issue can play a greater role than reality.