You and just you

Will you change? Will you be here when I need you? Is there an unknown hidden you?

Who are you? Why do I love you? Who will you be in twenty years?

But wait a second. You are yourself and I love you.

“Never love someone whom you think you need to mend – or who makes you feel like you should be mended” Caitlin Moran



Break Up


You do not break up a relationship.

The bound of love is unbreakable.

You never cut all ties, even silence between two former lovers is a link.

Memories might be socially constructed, they are emotionally bound.


Do I love you or do I just want to love?

Feeling loved but feeling lonely.

Feeling loved for someone you ought to be but not for who you are. Not knowing who you are anymore.

Feeling loved but feeling like a trophy.

Staying just because there is love. Any kind of love. Just to love and be loved, but who do you love if you love the relationship but not you in the relationship?



Thank you


Love so fulfilling, you do not have enough heart space to receive it

Love so simple, you do not need words to express it

Love so deep, you only need to be next to one another

Thank you friends and family. The only thing I need to consume is time with you.