Yesterday, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Comandante Marcos. Political icons.

Today, brands without political messages.

Is marketing to blame or our feeling of disempowerment?

Or the icon. He or she is there to do the job for us: no need to get out of our comfort and ignorance.

But if political messages are not being shared and understood, the emptiness of brands prevail.

Octavio Paz “The revolutionary is always radical, he does not long to correct abuses, but the uses themselves”



Travel… to learn from others about oneself? or from oneself about others?

The journey, an excuse out of your comfort zone and into yourself.

To put your soul back into solitude. To find inspiration.

Inspiration is the most beautiful human subtlety. It provides a language of your own to enrich the dialogue between you and yourself.

Is it the lack of inspiration which breaks the dialogue? When does one stop to think?