You and just you

Will you change? Will you be here when I need you? Is there an unknown hidden you?

Who are you? Why do I love you? Who will you be in twenty years?

But wait a second. You are yourself and I love you.

“Never love someone whom you think you need to mend – or who makes you feel like you should be mended” Caitlin Moran




On politics and negativity

Why should we care about politics when the analysis is so bleak? Why should we act collectively when messages are so negative and results so low?

“You only have to say what you have in front of your eyes and not to elude the conclusion” Invisible committee.

A critical look gives reasons for action. And an historical look reveals that each act of destruction calls for an act of creation.





Travel… to learn from others about oneself? or from oneself about others?

The journey, an excuse out of your comfort zone and into yourself.

To put your soul back into solitude. To find inspiration.

Inspiration is the most beautiful human subtlety. It provides a language of your own to enrich the dialogue between you and yourself.

Is it the lack of inspiration which breaks the dialogue? When does one stop to think?