Travel… to learn from others about oneself? or from oneself about others?

The journey, an excuse out of your comfort zone and into yourself.

To put your soul back into solitude. To find inspiration.

Inspiration is the most beautiful human subtlety. It provides a language of your own to enrich the dialogue between you and yourself.

Is it the lack of inspiration which breaks the dialogue? When does one stop to think?





Definition: The quality or state of being unique of its kind

Reality: I am unique or do I look for unicity?

Am I proactive or reactive when I take my decisions?

Do I follow others, do I purposely do what others don’t, or have I already found my way?

Moving Dreams


Never hard to daydream, your feet here, your head in another world or location, doing nothing or more of something else. Your senses awoken by a touch, a smell, a landscape. Losing some conscience of time…

Live by your dreams and fear regrets but what if your dream becomes reality and reality brings disappointment?

The most beautiful moment… isn`t it the one which was never dreamt ? Spontaneity please. My dream at the end of my arm, my hand, my eye and more than anything, my heart.

Writing and Picturing but neither revealing nor showing everything


Politicians and journalists are prone to oversimplify complicated issues, especially if it is in their interests to do so.

Not everything can be seen, a picture is only a glass half-full. There is so much it does not reveal.

The invisible and the untold are powerful. Perceptions of the other or of an issue can play a greater role than reality.

Chains Breakthrough


Have you ever thought of the chains that were keeping you away from yourself? The experience you are missing by fear and control… You see it here but what about all the invisible chains inside and outside you. Remember, the most powerful limits to freedom are those you do not recognise as such. It is not what you can not do, it is what you have not thought of doing yet…