Do I love you or do I just want to love?

Feeling loved but feeling lonely.

Feeling loved for someone you ought to be but not for who you are. Not knowing who you are anymore.

Feeling loved but feeling like a trophy.

Staying just because there is love. Any kind of love. Just to love and be loved, but who do you love if you love the relationship but not you in the relationship?



On politics and negativity

Why should we care about politics when the analysis is so bleak? Why should we act collectively when messages are so negative and results so low?

“You only have to say what you have in front of your eyes and not to elude the conclusion” Invisible committee.

A critical look gives reasons for action. And an historical look reveals that each act of destruction calls for an act of creation.





Yesterday, Che Guevara, Gandhi, Comandante Marcos. Political icons.

Today, brands without political messages.

Is marketing to blame or our feeling of disempowerment?

Or the icon. He or she is there to do the job for us: no need to get out of our comfort and ignorance.

But if political messages are not being shared and understood, the emptiness of brands prevail.

Octavio Paz “The revolutionary is always radical, he does not long to correct abuses, but the uses themselves”